Life Vision
Till DarkdragonCreate a dynamic life according to you true purpose, now.

At the time of union, the body has physical goals, and the Essential Self has spiritual goals and our Earth has evolutionary goals. Restoring these factors into harmony with each other invites abundance, self certainty, and a harmonious relationship to all life.

With a Life Vision consultation you create your dream ... and step into it!

CreativityEndlessness of Deep Instinctive Mind expressing delightfully dangerously…

We all have experienced major bursts of creativity in this and many previous lives. These abilities can be accessed far more powerfully, stably, honestly and incomprehensibly than you know. Be released from the so popular painful motivation strategies that traditionally have been used as a substitute for creative tension!

Through Creativity consultations awaken your Kundalini in uncontrollable delight!

Soul Recovery and Integration
Soul IntegrationRegain your lost emotional and mental abilities. Return to wholeness and effectiveness.

People habitually leave soulparts back in old traumatic incidents, swap them as co-dependent “love”, or just not even fully incarnate in the first place. What would happen if all that you are as a Divine Spirit were to fully incarnate, integrate, and create here, now?

With Soul Recovery and Holographic Timeline Clearing attain presence in the present!

Implant Clearing
Timeline ClearingRelease energy blocks and imprints designed to prevent you from reaching full potential…

Human bodies are loaded with genetic implants, behavioural memes which are the impact of condensed negative thoughts of society, and negative group mind habits, designed to prevent "unauthorized" awakening. This serves the function of keeping most people principally experiencing life as slavery to mass belief systems.

Through Implant Clearing, break the chains, just say "no" to implants! Just say “Life!”

Deep Shadow Transformation
Ganesh ExorcismTransmuting fear into empowerment. Utilizing opposition as inspiration...

Deep within the unconscious lurks the nemesis to one's passionate course of action in the world. These demonic forms hide in illusions under the guise of "protection", and must be mastered to earn the right to harness the powers of the universe according to your Will. Your fear is a beautiful resourceful energy, impeded by other's labels.

In Deep Shadow Transformation, release trapped abuse from your bodymind, reclaim your Self Authority to feel and be as you Will!

Personality Integration
Drum ThroneResolve personality conflicts, increasing harmony and self certainty…

Have you ever decided to do something, and "changed your mind" and done something else"? Have you said "I'd like to do this but maybe I'll do that?" The second idea, the other voice, is a different personality part! You wouldn't by any chance have replayed your mother's voice in your head? Each of these has some wisdom when set free.

Through Personality Integration fly with the deep mysterious joy of a unified unconscious mind!

Body Consciousness Initiation
Personality IntegrationRaise body consciousness. Awaken new abilities and energy states…

Body Consciousness Initiations work with 16 evolutionary bands of light resonating body with Higher Self. Your body consciousness learns stable access to energy states and regenerative ability. Emotional impacts become naturally processed by the body, as easily as digesting food, allowing you to remain in the now.

When your body understands the nature of Time, shadows of the past explode into freedom!

Family Karma
Release heavy burdens from past generations. Create future resources...

Falling TrainIt has been said the "sins of the fathers pass on to the children for seven generations." That is not a command, it is an observation of bad habit. Stop it! Many diseases, intellectual restrictions, and chronic attraction to pain and failure are patterns coded across many generations. When one family member chooses to wake up and heal, the whole system begins mysteriously to change.

Heal Family Karma now. Claim your birthright!

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