The location that was planned for the new ANTOS Alternative Healing school is on Planina, part of the Kočevski Rog region of Slovenia. The location of the probably greatest post war massacres, 35,000 victims, is approximately 4.5km from the school.

Due to the fact that many officials in this area become possessed by this horrific energy and channel it to mess up the lives of others, the school will be better set up in a country with a much better history with human rights issues than Slovenia. Invitations welcome.

ANTOS Eternity Healing School

Even though Slovenia is a tiny country, there are more than 600 officially recorded mass concealed graves, and another at Huda Jama, Laško was only officially acknowledged very recently. The issue here is not the common past horrors in this area, but the tradition of free-thinking people “disappearing”. Even though it is more difficult to "disappear" people these days, this local tradition has created a society of masters and slaves, and extremely high levels of addiction. Almost nobody in Slovenia feels courageous enough to speak a truth that will free another from being persecuted by corruption at an official level, in case they do speak and they become the next target..
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